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GS Caltex opened a new chapter in Korea’s petroleum industry upon its inception in 1967 as the nation’s first private oil refinery.

Over the past 50 years, GS Caltex achieved impressive growth backed by bold investments in petroleum, lubricants and petrochemicals.
While providing a stable supply of energy in the domestic market, we export more than 70% of our products to 50 countries.
In doing so, we have contributed to Korea’s economic development and its emergence as a major exporter of petroleum products.

GS Caltex will continue growing in the fast-changing energy landscape with the launch of our olefin business.
A mixed feed cracker (MFC) is under construction with completion targeted for 2021. Olefins will strengthen
our global footing in petroleum as well as petrochemical products.

  • Petroleum


    GS Caltex provides high-quality petroleum products from its oil refining facilities (daily capacity of 800,000 barrels) and desulfurization facilities for kerosene and diesel.

  • Aromatics


    GS Caltex is the world’s largest producer of aromatics, boasting annual capacity of 2.8 million tons.

  • Olefin


    GS Caltex is making large-scale investments in olefin complex(MFC) to secure future growth. The project is a key part of the strategy tobolster our position as a global leadernot only in oil refinery but alsoin the petrochemical market.

  • Polymers


    GS Caltex supplies polypropylene (PP) and PP compound that are recognized for their unrivalled technology and quality.

  • Base Oil

    Base Oil

    GS Caltex produces base oil using state-of-the-art technology. We supply base oil across Asia and beyond as we aim to expand our global reach.

  • Lubricants


    GS Caltex lubricants are recognized for their superior quality and technology in the Korean market. We are now eyeing global markets to sustain growth.

  • Production Process

    Production Process

    GS Caltex is home to the world’s fourth largest oil refining facility.

  • R&D


    GS Caltex is spearheading the energy and chemical sectors with relentless research into the future.