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GS Caltex, headed for Value No. 1

In the half century since our establishment as Korea’s first private oil company, GS Caltex has spearheaded the heavy
chemical industry while fostering the development of the nation’s key industries in petroleum and petrochemicals. We
continue to grow through bold and far-sighted investments and technological innovation.

We will not cease to change and expand as we pave the way to the future.
Based on industry leading competitiveness, we will stand tall as the most respected energy and chemical company in society.

  • Vision


    We will strive to realize the GS Caltex vision by continuing to change and challenge ourselves.

  • Brand


    Introducing the GS Caltex corporate identity and brand identity, symbols of our core values and philosophy

  • CEO


    GS Caltex believes in warm energy and new energy for the future. We will deliver energy full of hope for our shared future.

  • History


    GS Caltex, taking care of Korea’s energy needs.

  • Domestic


    Introducing the GS network, spanning Korea and the world

  • Affiliates/Partners


    GS Caltex is growing into a global energy leader with affiliates and partners in Korea and abroad.

  • PR Room

    PR Room

    Discover news about GS Caltex activities and efforts to create a better future.

  • Financial Information

    Financial Information

    GS Caltex will become a trusted company through honest and transparent management.