DirectionCreating a better world, providing your energy needs

GS Caltex has been pursuing social contribution activities to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities under the catchphrase “Beautiful World through Energy Sharing” since 2005.

GS Caltex believes that as a total energy service provider, we should also produce energy full of hope and future on top of physical energy. As such, GS Caltex and the employees are building a community where our clients and the local society can share energy and contribute to making a better place through sharing. The slogan of our social contribution activities, “Beautiful World through Energy Sharing”, well represents such vision and belief. With GS Caltex’s main social contribution activity “Mom Talk Talk”, a healing program for excluded children, as the center, we are pursuing the business in two themes: green sharing and local participation.

“Mom Talk Talk” program was designed in an attempt to engage in a more systematic and strategic social contribution program. The program is designed to assist psychological health and emotional stability for excluded children. Since its commencement in March 2013, we are focused in providing fundamental help to children.

GS Caltex Social Contribution


For systematic and sustainable operation of CSR activities, we created a CSR team in 2005 and GS Caltex Foundation in 2006. From 2006 to 2015, we plan to donate KRW 10 billion annually to the foundation to raise a total of KRW 100 billion to be used in various community initiatives to promote the arts and culture, education and welfare. Recognizing the importance of corporate social responsibility, we also set up the CSR Committee, chaired by the CEO to discuss CSR issues and set policy directions.