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GS Caltex is committed to its duty as a corporate citizen to meet the expectations of our community and fulfill our social responsibilities

GS Caltex is striving to act responsibly towards our partner firms and customers under the ethics management framework.

  • Ethical Management Practices
  • Win-Win Partnership
  • Customer Responsibility

GS Caltex is pursuing shared growth with our partner firms by enhancing our mutual competitive edge through win-win partnerships.

Win-win partnership and fair trade agreement with partner firms

As an active supporter of mutual cooperation with partner companies, GS Caltex introduced three key guidelines in transactions with subcontractors to establish fair practices between major and small businesses and create the foundation for win-win partnership.

First, we stipulated the setting of reasonable prices and prohibition of unfair interferences by providing guidelines for signing contracts.
Second, we set a guideline on the selection and management of partner companies to ensure fairness in the process of selecting or cancelling a contract with a partner firm, and to provide a fair bidding opportunity. 
Third, we set guidelines on the establishment and operation of an internal review committee which is in charge of monitoring unfair transactions, conducting preliminary reviews for large transactions and inspecting the appropriateness of partner company selection standards and processes.
Moreover, we are operating the Unfair Transaction Reporting Center to ensure transparency in transactions with GS Caltex.

GS Caltex has been leading the culture of win-win partnership since its inception by supporting our partner firms with full cash payments, new funding, training and technology development and management support. In August 2009, some 200 executives and employees from GS Caltex, GS subsidiaries and partner companies took part in a signing ceremony for win-win partnership and fair trade.