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At GS Caltex, we believe the Earth and its energy resources are not ours alone

In order to hand down the affluent environment in which people can live healthier lives to our future generations, we are actively performing activities such as conserving energy, producing environmental-friendly products, and preparing for climate changes which could construct safe world and minimize environmental effects.

Since declaring the policy of prioritizing environmental factors in business activities in 1996, GS Caltex has strengthened the quality management system and the safety and health management system, and has been practicing the ESH&Q policy that integrates safety, health, environment, and quality management which was revised in 2015.

Furthermore, our Yeosu Complex, Incheon lubricant plant, Inchoen terminal and other worksites have acquired ISO 14001 certificate, and have been strictly administrating the whole procedure from manufacturing to final sale under the quality management system ISO 9001.

In addition, GS Caltex has been performing voluntary management using its own criteria which is far more fastidious than related laws and regulations enforced by the government.

We are also building our own correspondence strategies to climate changes in order to actively react to climate change issues and spurring the development of green energy with activities such as registering the reduction performance of greenhouse gas.


SHEQ Integrated Management System

GS Caltex fulfills its social responsibility and pursues zero-disaster workplace and sustainable development. It also prioritizes Safety∙Health∙Environment∙Quality(SHEQ) management as the main task in order to become Value No.1 Energy & Chemical Partner and keep the following points.

· Disclose information related to SHEQ to the local community and interested parties in a transparent
· Obey related law and regulations, and establish mature SHEQ culture through autonomous practice.
· Manage performances by building advanced SHEQ management system and perform continuous 
   improvment activities and educational trainings.
· Perform safe works and operations and secure the integrity of facilities.
· Provide best workplace environment and healthcare for all executives and staff members including 
   members from cooperative firms. 
· Contribute to environmental protection by continuously pursuing pollutant emission reduction.
· Provide customer-satisfactory products and services through systematic quality management.
· Cooperate with business partners and continuously consult mutual SHEQ management level im-