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On the Road
GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

Preparation Future Energy&Mobility-EV Charging Service

Preparation Future Energy&Mobility-EV Charging Service

GS Caltex provides EV(electric vehicle) charging service.
GS Caltex, especially, has improved customers accessibility using its asset and networks and implements EV fast charger to minimize changing time. Also, GS Caltex will provide various related services for EVs and drivers.

Convenience of Accessibility

GS Caltex provides charging service using existing network that are easy to access. This allows customers to use EV charging service more conveniently.

Saving of Charging time

GS Caltex operates EV fast charger (100kW). This allows customers to save time for charging.

Providing Related Service

GS Caltex provides car wash and maintenance services for EV users. Also, GS Caltex will offer various related service such as Food & Beverage that customers can enjoy during charging time. This will give customers a more convenient and enjoyable charging service.

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