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On the Road
GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

Present the energy of life to loved ones, GS Caltex/GS gift ertificates – Gift Certificates

GS Caltex gift certificates

GS Caltex gift certificates make welcome presents. Taking into account diverse customer preferences and convenience, they can be purchased and used in a wide range of locations.


KRW10,000 / KRW50,000 / KRW100,000

Wide range of sellers (+82.2.2005.6459)

The sales network includes the GS Caltex headquarters and branches, convenience stores, telemarketing, and online sites.

Wide range of uses

The gift certificates can be used at GS Caltex service stations and filling stations as well as the service station-convenience store chain joyMart. They can also be used at roughly 20,000 stores representing about 120 brands including department stores, discount stores, hotels and travel agencies.

GS gift certificates

GS gift certificates can be used to purchase all products and services provided by GS affiliates.


KRW10,000 / KRW50,000 / KRW100,000 / KRW300,000

Wide range of sellers (+82.2.2005.6459)

GS Caltex headquarters and nationwide branches

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