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On the Road
GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

Solely for self-fueling ? Self-Service Gas Station

Solely for self-fueling ? Self-Service Gas Station

GS Caltex operates Service stations where customers can fuel their cars by themselves instead of relying on Service station attendants. Self-service gas stations offer fueling, car wash and maintenance service, fast food and shopping, all in a pleasant setting.


The self-service stations are the first in Korea to install a vapor recovery system (VRS) so there is no smell of gasoline. They are also equipped with devices to prevent static electricity to prevent fire hazards.


Fueling and payment takes place in one place for customer convenience.

Low Priced

Reduced labor and promotional costs mean lower gas prices for customers.


Experience what it’s like to fuel and wash your vehicle on your own.

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