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GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

Raw material for packaging materials ? Random Polymer

Raw material for packaging materials ? Random Polymer


While Kixx is an acknowledged name in gasoline and lubricants, Hiprene is GS Caltex’s polypropylene product that enjoys the same distinction. GS Caltex produces and supplies the high quality polypropylene, Hiprene, employing the Unipol process of fluidized bed-based vapor-phase polymerization.

Polypropylene (PP) is made by polymerizing propylene, the feedstock, in the presence of a catalyst. Due to easy processing and its heat-resistant and crystalline properties, propylene is used in a wide range of applications including film, pipes, various molded products, electronic goods and automotive components.

Depending on the orderly arrangement, polymerization leads to the formation of isotactic, syndiotactic and atactic polypropylene. Isotactic propylene has good crystalline, mechanical and thermal properties and is widely used in commercial applications. In general, PP compounds are isotactic.

Random Polymer

As the term ‘random’ suggests, random polymer has structurally more atypical parts in molecular chains and few light-scattering crystals. As such, it has better transparency and flexibility than homo polymer or impact polymer. Random polymer is used mainly in making transparent airtight vessels and transparent bottles, impact absorbers for automobiles (foam) as well as packaging materials requiring impact resistance at low temperatures.

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