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On the Road
GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

World-class GS Caltex ? Lubricants (Industrial Use)

World-class GS Caltex ? Lubricants (Industrial Use)

GS Caltex has a lineup of world-class lubricants for automobiles and construction equipment as well as lubricants for industrial use, ships and other specialty oils.

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Application Product
Hydraulic Fluid GS Hydro HD LZ
GS Hydro HD CZ
GS Hydro HD Z
GS Hydro HD
GS Hydro
GS Hydro ALP
GS Hydraulic Safety Oil
Gear Oil GS Gear EP
Turbine Oil GS Turbine Oil
GS Gas Turbine Oil
GS Turbine R&O
Compressor Oil GS Compressor Oil
GS Compressor RA-X
Slideway Oil GS Way Lube
Air Tool Oil GS Rockdrill
Spindle Oil GS Spin
Machine Oil GS Paper Machine Oil HD
GS Machine Oil
Cutting Fluid GS Almag Oil
Heat Transfer Fluid GS Therm
GS Brine
Transformer Oil GS Trans Ⅰ
GS Trans U
Process Oil GS Process Oil
Golden Pearl EP
New Golden Pearl
GS Therma EP
GS Moly EP
Super Grease EP
Marine Oil GS Cylinder
GS System
GS 1000 Marine
GS 2000 Marine
GS 3000 Marine
GS 4000 Marine
GS 5000 Marine
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