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On the Road
GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

World-class GS Caltex ? Lubricants (Automotive/ Construction Equipment)

World-class GS Caltex ? Lubricants (Automotive/ Construction Equipment)

GS Caltex has a lineup of world-class lubricants for automobiles and construction equipment as well as lubricants for industrial use, ships and other specialty oils.

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Application Product
Premium Engine Oil Kixx PAO 1
Kixx PAO
Gasoline Engine Oil Kixx Neo
Kixx G1
Kixx G1 Dexos1
Kixx Gold SL
Kixx Gold SJ
Kixx Gold SG
Kixx Gold SF/CF
Diesel Engine Oil Kixx PAO DX
Kixx DX
Kixx D1 C3
Kixx D1
Kixx Dynamic CH-4
Kixx Dynamic CG-4
Kixx Dynamic CF-4
Kixx Dynamic CF/SF
Kixx DH-2
CNG Engine Oil Kixx CNG
LPG Engine Oil Kixx LPG
Motorcycle Oil Kixx Ultra 4T Scooter SN
Kixx Ultra 4T Scooter SL
Kixx Ultra 4T SL
Kixx Ultra 4T SJ
Kixx Ultra 2T
Transmission Fluid Kixx ATF Premium
Kixx ATF Multi Plus
ATF Dexron-Ⅵ
Geartec GL-4
Geartec GL-5
Gear Oil HD GL-4
Gear Oil ZF
GS Transmission Oil TO-4
Specialties Power Steering Oil
Tractor Oil HP
Brake Fluid SHD
GS AF/Coolant
GS Oil Treatment
Kixx Clean
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