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First-class driving - Kixx PAO

First-class driving - Kixx PAO

Kixx PAO is a premium fully synthetic engine oil formulated with PAO(Poly Alpha Olefin). Satisfying latest API and ACEA standards, Kixx PAO products are suitable for all vehicle types that run on gasoline, diesel and LPG. Comprised of Kixx PAO 1, Kixx PAO A3/B4 and Kixx PAO C3, the Kixx PAO lineup provides an unmatched driving experience through superior oxidation stability, smooth and comfortable ride and complete engine protection.

PAO is the abbreviation of Poly Alpha Olefin. It is a high-grade synthetic base oil mainly used in aircraft engine oils. The chemical molecular structure is artificially synthesized to enable superior performance compared to regular mineral base oil in terms of low temperature fluidity, oxidation stability and thermal stability, all of which are important items in engine oil performance tests.

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