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On the Road
GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

Wide range of marine fuel oil ? Marine Fuel Oil

Wide range of marine fuel oil ? Marine Fuel Oil

Marine fuel oil from GS Caltex has high calorific value to maximize marine propulsion. It is produced taking into consideration viscosity grades required by ship engines of various dimensions. It satisfies the ISO 8217 standard which was revised in 2010 and reduces sulfur and other pollutants according to GS Caltex’s stringent internal standards to protect the environment. GS Caltex provides marine fuel oil (MFO) of various viscosity grades. [MDO / MF-30 / MF-40 / MF-60 / MF-80 / MF-100 / MF-120 / MF-150 / MF-180 / MF-240 / MF-280 / MF-320 / MF-380 / MF-420 / MF-460]

*The numbers at the end in the MFO rating refers to the maximum allowed Centistoke (cSt) at 50℃. MFO is produced in accordance with ISO 8217 standards.

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