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On the Road
GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

Highest quality ? Jet Fuel

Highest quality ? Jet Fuel

GS Caltex offers jet fuel for airplane jet turbine engines. Jet fuel includes fuels meeting different requirements such as Jet A-1, mainly used in civil aircraft, and JP-5 and JP-8 for military aircraft. JP-8 is designed for use in vehicles and tanks powered by diesel, in addition to airplanes, in times of emergency. Changes in flying altitude cause sharp changes in temperature and pressure. Taking this into account, GS Caltex rigorously adheres to international product standards and practices strict quality control to ensure safety.

*GS Caltex jet fuel meets the requirements of AFQRJOS (Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems), Defence Standard 91-91 of the UK, and MIL-DTL-5624/83133 and ASTM D 1655 of the US.

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