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On the Road
GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

Outstanding ignition quality and power ? Diesel

Outstanding ignition quality and power ? Diesel

GS Caltex produces environment-friendly diesel of world-class quality. In addition to automobiles, diesel is used for construction equipment, generators, turbines, industrial boilers and small ships (marine diesel fuel). Diesel from GS Caltex is gaining global recognition as an eco-friendly product offering superior ignition quality and power.

Smooth ignition even in extreme cold

The addition of a high-performance fluidity improver prevents the formation of wax crystals in winter so a car can start up smoothly in low temperatures.

High-performance and environment-friendly product

This eco-friendly product enhances thermal efficiency and keeps the engine clean while maximizing fuel economy and power. In addition, it sharply reduces exhaust gases. Automotive diesel fuel from GS Caltex is produced in advanced desulfurization facilities and meets the highest global standards in terms of cetane number, lubricity, polycyclic aromatic content and density.

Clean and convenient usage

Anti-foaming additives are added to minimize foaming and reverse flow during filling. This enables clean and convenient usage.

Precaution for users

Diesel includes automotive diesel fuel and marine diesel fuel. The use of marine diesel for automobiles is subject to penalty under the law. In addition, marine diesel has a lower cetane number and higher sulfur level than automotive diesel. Using it in automobiles can cause diesel knocking, accelerate engine corrosion and shorten a vehicle’s lifespan.

Category Automobile diesel Marine diesel
Pour point (℃) Below 0
(winter: below -17.5)
Below 0
(winter: below -12.5)
Flash point (℃) Over 40 Over 40
Kinematic viscosity (40℃, cSt) 1.9~5.5 1.5~6.0
Distillation point
(90% discharge temp, ℃)
Below 360 Below 360
Carbon residue
(10% residue, %)
Below 0.15 Below 0.2
Water and precipitate (% volume) Below 0.02 Below 0.02
Sulfur (ppm weight) Below 10 Below 1.0 (% weight)
Ash (% weight) Below 0.02 Below 0.01
Cetane index (cetane number) Over 52
(extreme cold: over 48)
Over 40
Copper plate corrosion
(100℃, 3 hours)
Below 1 Below 1
Filter plugging point (℃) Below -16 (extreme cold) -
Lubricity @60℃ (HFRR, ㎛) Below 400 -
Density (15℃, kg/㎥) Over 815 ~ 835 -
Polycyclic aromatic content
(% weight)
Below 5 -
Aromatic compounds (% weight) Below 30 -
Fatty acid methyl esters content
(% volume)
Below 5 -

For pour point, winter refers to the period from November 1 to March 31 of the following year. However, -12.5℃ was applied for automotive diesel for the period from March 16 to March 31.

Extreme cold refers to the period from November 15 to February 28 of the following year.

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