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GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

Maximum cleaning effect ? PRIME Diesel

Maximum cleaning effect ? PRIME Diesel

PRIME Diesel from GS Caltex was developed for eco-friendly, clean diesel RVs and passenger cars. It is a high-quality diesel product that maximizes the cleaning effect compared to regular diesel and has a 10% higher cetane number.

Enhanced cleaning effect

PRIME Diesel contains a high-performance cleaning additive to get maximum performance out of a diesel engine.

Ideal for clean diesel vehicles

Recently launched clean diesel vehicles have improved engines whose performance may be compromised by the buildup of even fine sediments. With its outstanding cleaning effect, PRIME Diesel removes sediments inside the engine to help ensure optimal performance of clean diesel vehicles.

Cetane number higher than 60

The cetane number is 10% higher for PRIME Diesel compared to regular diesel products (from GS Caltex). PRIME Diesel enhances the performance and ride comfort of a diesel car and helps reduce exhaust gases.

Cetane number : Cetane number is a measure of the ignition quality of diesel fuel. A higher cetane number means greater engine efficiency.

Popular in Europe

Clean diesel vehicles are widespread in Europe where there is a high level of interest in environmental issues and green growth. High-quality diesel products with a high cetane number and enhanced cleaning performance, such as PRIME Diesel, are enjoying strong sales in the region.

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