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GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

High-quality gasoline Kixx - Gasoline

High-quality gasoline Kixx - Gasoline

Kixx, the high-quality gasoline from GS Caltex, includes a functional additive that protects the engine and keeps it clean. At the same time, Kixx significantly reduces the emission of harmful substances and satisfies stringent environmental standards. Relative to earlier products, Kixx maximizes fuel efficiency and engine power so that drivers can enjoy an enhanced driving experience. Kixx is ideal for passenger cars, motorcycles, agricultural machinery and other equipment powered by gasoline engines.The presence of an additive that removes sludge and buildup keeps the main parts of the engine (fuel injection system, intake valve, combustion chamber) clean to keep the vehicle running efficiently for a longer time.

Greater fuel economy and lower maintenance costs

Removal of carbon deposits and impurities in the engine prevents loss of energy due to friction and increases fuel efficiency. Kixx prevents buildup which can lead to engine failure and shorten the engine’s lifespan to allow drivers to save on maintenance costs.

Maximizing power and acceleration with increased engine power

The benefits of Kixx are clearly evident in Korea which has many winding roads, slopes and crossroads.

Noise and knocking prevention for a comfortable ride

Kixx delivers optimal combustion and prevents an increase in octane number requirement due to an aging engine to keep a vehicle in good shape.

World-class environment-friendly gasoline

The control of harmful emissions to meet even the most stringent environmental standards promotes the health of the driver and the environment.

Category Standard
Color Yellow
Octane number Over 91 ~ Below 94
Distillation (℃) 10% Discharge temp. Below 70
50% Discharge temp. Below 125
90% Discharge temp. Below 170
Endpoint Below 225
Residue (% volume) Below 2.0
Water and precipitate (% volume) Below 0.01
Copper plate corrosion (50℃, 3 hours) Below 1
Vapor pressure (37.8℃, kPa) 44~82
(summer: 44~60,
winter: 44~96)
Oxidation stability (minutes) Over 490
Existent gum (mg/100ml) Below 5.0
Sulfur level (ppm weight) Below 10
Lead content (g/L) Below 0.013
Phosphorus content (g/L) Below 0.0013
Aromatic compound content (% volume) Below 24(21)
Benzene content (% volume) Below 0.7
Olefin content (% volume) Below 16(19)
Oxygen content (% weight) Below 2.3
Methanol content (% weight) Below 0.1

Summer refers to the period from July 1 to August 31 and winter refers to the period from November 1 to March 31.
Oxygen content refers to the weight of oxygen in gasoline. It is usually contained in MTBE, ETBE and bioethanol.

Precaution for users

Due to its flammable nature, gasoline poses the risk of fire and explosion during use and storage. For safety reasons, it should be stored in a container with a lid, away from ignition sources and direct sunlight. Gasoline shout not be stored in a plastic container since the container walls could melt away and foreign substances can get into the gasoline. When stored for a long time in a plastic container, highly volatile gas oil will vaporize and lead to problems starting the car. For long-term storage, put gasoline inside a steel canister, seal the canister and store in a dark cold place.

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