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On the Road
GS Caltex products are powering transportation via roads, skies and seas.

Premium gasoline for premium cars, Kixx PRIME ? Premium Gasoline

Premium gasoline for premium cars, Kixx PRIME ? Premium Gasoline

Developed by GS Caltex, Kixx PRIME is a premium gasoline product boasting superior performance. It enhances a vehicle’s power and acceleration, reduces noise and vibration, and provides superior fuel economy and engine protection. The result is outstanding performance and a comfortable driving experience.

Octane number greater than 100.2

Kixx PRIME prevents abnormal ignition to protect the engine and enhance power while significantly reducing noise and knocking to deliver a comfortable ride.

25% more engine cleaner than regular gasoline

An engine cleaner with high purity removes carbon and other impurities, thereby improving fuel economy and ensuring longer engine life.

Superior acceleration

Addition of a substance that doubles acceleration enables the vehicle to accelerate smoothly at a faster pace.

Precaution for users

Due to its flammable nature, gasoline poses the risk of fire and explosion during use and storage. For safety reasons, it should be stored in a container with a lid, away from ignition sources and direct sunlight. Gasoline should not be stored in a plastic container since the container walls could melt away and foreign substances can get into the gasoline. When stored for a long time in a plastic container, highly volatile gas oil will vaporize and lead to problems starting the car.
For long-term storage, put gasoline inside a steel canister, seal the canister and store in a dark cool place.

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