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GS Caltex is committed to clean and transparent management

The Company is on a contract with renowned international credit rating agencies for a yearly rating of its foreign currency denominated long term corporate bonds.

  • International Rating Agency
  • Domestic Rating Agency
Rating Agency Credit Rating Date of Latest Comment
Overseas S&P BBB+ 2018.03
Moody's Baa1 2018.02

Rating Definition

Rating Definition
  Moody's S&P
Eligible Investment Ratings Aaa AAA Exceptional credit quality and lowest
expectation of investment risk.
Aa1 AA+ Excellent credit quality and very low
expectation of investment risk.
Aa2 AA
Aa3 AA-
A1 A+ Good credit quality and currently low
expectation of investment risk.
A2 A
A3 A-
Baa1 BBB+ Adequate credit quality and currently low
expectation of investment risk.
Baa2 BBB
Baa3 BBB-
Ineligible Investment Ratings Ba1 BB+ Questionable credit quality and
possibility of investment risk developing
Ba3 BB-
B1 B+ Generally poor credit quality and
investment risk exist
B2 B
B3 B-
Caa1 CCC+ Extremely poor credit quality and
currently perceived possibility of default
Caa2 CCC
Caa3 CCC-
- D Default