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Based on its accumulated technical skills on the realm of oil refining and petro chemistry, GS Caltex is continuously pushing forward research and development in order to explore future power supplies in various areas. Bio chemical,composite materials ,Refinery & Tech Support

Striving for the continuous growth as a comprehensive energy company, the GS Caltex Technology Institute is concentrating on the development and procurement of core technology related to future energy supplies in various sectors.

The GS Caltex Technology Institute has been securing the maximum degree of product competitiveness through the quality improvement of the products of oil refining which are its major business and the development of new lubricant/polymer products. Furthermore, it has been reinforcing the company’s function of exploring future growth energies through the core technology developments. These developments include high-value composite materials such as carbon fiber and bio-nylon and bio-refinery based bio-fuel and bio-chemicals. 
In order to contribute to the business expansion of GS Caltex to the energy & chemical sector, the Technology Institute has equipped itself with best talents and research facilities.