New leap to promote sustainable growth (2014~Present)

May. 2017 Celebration of 50th Anniversary of GS Caltex
Jan. 2017 Completed Mexico Compounded Resin plant
May. 2014 Expanded the No. 1 CDU (from 110,000 BPSD to 120,000 BPSD, total 785,000 BPSD)
Expanded the No. 3 HOU(VRHCR, from 60,000 BPSD to 66,000 BPSD, total 274,000 BPSD)
Jan. 2014 Proclaimed “Value No.1 Energy & Chemical Partner” as new corporate vision
Nov. 2013 Completed Jinju Compounded Resin plant
Sep. 2013 Completed Czech Compounded Resin plant
Jan. 2013 Completed the No. 4 HOU (VGOFCC, 53,000 BPSD, total 268,000 BPSD)
Dec. 2012 Received the USD 25 billion Export Tower Award
Sep. 2012 Established GS Caltex China Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2012 Expanded the first PX plant (from 300,000 MTA to 450,000 MTA, total 1,350,000 MTA)
Jan. 2012 Established GS Energy
Dec. 2011 Received the USD 20 billion Export Tower Award
Expanded the No. 3 CDU (from 165,000 BPSD to 180,000 BPSD, total 775,000 BPSD)
Jul. 2011 Expanded the Base Oil Plant (from 23,000 BPSD to 26,000 BPSD)
Jun. 2011 Established GS Caltex (Czech) Plastic China Co., Ltd.
May. 2011 Celebrated the No. 3 HOU (VRHCR) building completion ceremony
Nov. 2010 Expanded the No. 1 CDU (from 100,000 BPSD to 110,000 BPSD, total 760,000 BPSD)
Incorporated GS Ecometal as a subsidiary
Oct. 2010 Established GS Caltex (Suzhou) Plastic China Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2010 Completed the No. 3 HOU (VR HCR, 60,000 BPSD, total 215,000 BPSD)
May. 2010 Incorporated GS Bio as a subsidiary
Incorporated GS Platech as a subsidiary
Mar. 2010 Completed Power Carbon Technology plant
Incorporated Samil Polymer as a subsidiary
Feb. 2010 Established GSCaltex India (for sales of lubricant oil)
Jan. 2010 Incorporated Sangji Ship as a subsidiary
Transition to a total energy servie provider(2000~2009)

Transition to a total energy service provider (2000~2009)

Nov. 2009 Expanded the production capacities of No.2 and No.3 plants (total 750,000 BPSD)
Jun. 2009 Expanded the No. 4 CDU (from 300,000 BPSD to 330,000 BPSD, total 730,000 BPSD)
Increased production capacity of Base Oil Plant (from 16,000 BPSD to 23,000 BPSD)
Incorporated Green Century as a subsidiary (Now GS Greentech)
Jan. 2009 Expanded the HOU’s production capacity (Total 155,000 BPSD)
- RFCC (from 93,000 BPSD to 94,000 BPSD)
- HCR (from 60,000 BPSD to 61,000 BPSD)
Incorporated BNC as a subsidiary
Dec. 2008 Received the USD 15 billion Export Tower Award
Completed the No. 4 HDS (70,000 BPSD, total 260,000 BPSD)
Established GS Caltex (Yantai) Energy Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2008 Expanded the No. 2 CDU (from 130,000 BPSD to 150,000 BPSD, total 700,000 BPSD)
Aug. 2008 Established Power Carbon Technology
Apr. 2008 Expanded the HOU’s production capacity (Total 153,000 BPSD)
- RFCC (from 90,000 BPSD to 93,000 BPSD)
- HCR (from 55,000 BPSD to 60,000 BPSD)
Dec. 2007 Expanded the No. 4 CDU (from 270,000 BPSD to 300,000 BPSD, total 680,000 BPSD)
Nov. 2007 Expanded the No.1 BTX plant (from 600,000 MTA to 1.2 million MTA, total BTX 1.6 million MTA, PX 1.2 million MTA)
Completed the first and second service stations in Qingdao, China
Sep. 2007 Opened hydrogen station
Aug. 2007 Completed the No. 2 HOU (VDU 150,000 BPSD, HCR 55,000 BPSD)
Completed the Base Oil Plant (16,000 BPSD)
Jun. 2007 Established GS Caltex (Qingdao) Energy Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2007 Established AMCO
Dec. 2006 Opened New Energy Research Center
Jul. 2006 Launched GS Caltex Foundation
Jun. 2006 Established GS Caltex (Langfang) Plastic China Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2006 Launched premium gasoline brand of "Kixx PRIME”
Feb. 2006 Established GS Park24
Established GS Caltex (Qingdao) Petroleum Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2005 Expanded the HOU`s Production capacity (RFCC, from 70,000 BPSD to 90,000 BPSD)
Sep. 2005 Completed alkylation plant (10,000 BPSD)
Aug. 2005 Incorporated GS Nextation as a subsidiary
Mar. 2005 Renamed as GS Caltex Corporation
Launched a new gasoline brand "Kixx”
Nov. 2004 Acquired shares of Nuricell (Now GS Nanotech)
Jul. 2004 Established GS Holdinsgs and became a subsidiary of GS Holdings
Sep. 2003 Landed the order for commissioned operation of Sohar Refinery in Oman
Jul. 2003 Introduced knowledge management system
Apr. 2003 Completed the No.3 PX plant (550,000 MTA, BTX : 1 million MTA, PX : from 650,000 MTA to 1.2 million MTA)
Mar. 2003 Sold shares of LG-Caltex Gas (Now E1) and Kuk Dong City Gas (Now Yesco)
Nov. 2001 Acquired shares of Kangnam City Gas
Jan. 2001 Acquired Haeyang City Gas
Dec. 2000 Acquired shares of Kyungnam Energy
Nov. 2000 Established Ceti (Now GS FuelCell)
Aug. 2000 Established Seorabeol City Gas
Jul. 2000 Completed the No.2 BTX plant (400,000 MTA, BTX : from 600,000 MTA to 1 million MTA, PX : 650,000 MTA)
Jun. 2000 Established LG Power (Now GS Power)
Jan. 2000 Proclaimed “The Leader in Providing Total Energy Service” as new corporate vision

Business innovation to realize a world-class enterprise (1994~1999)

Dec. 1999 Merged Hoyu Shipping
May 1999 Introduced “Six sigma” management innovation scheme
Nov. 1998 Completed the construction of Central Technology R&D Center
Oct. 1998 Merged LG Oil Products Sales
Sep. 1998 Completed the No. 3 HDS (70,000 BPSD, total 190,000 BPSD)
Oct. 1997 Expanded continuous catalytic reforming unit (30,000 BPSD)
Feb. 1997 Acquired Kuk Dong City Gas (Now Yesco)
Dec. 1996 Completed the No.4 CDU (270,000 BPSD, total 650,000 BPSD)
Established LG Oil Products Sales
Oct. 1996 Completed the No. 2 HDS (70,000 BPSD, total 120,000 BPSD)
May 1996 Renamed as LG-Caltex Oil Corporation
Sep. 1995 Completed the No. 1 HOU (RFCC, 70,000 BPSD)
Established LG Caltex Singapore (Now GS Caltex Singapore)
Aug. 1995 Completed the second PX plant (350,000 MTA, total 650,000 MTA)
Jan. 1995 Became the first company to launch gasoline brand (Techron)
May. 1994 Expanded the first PX plant (from 200,000 MTA to 300,000 MTA)
Mar. 1994 Established Hoyu Merchandising

Domestic and overseas expansion via business diversification (1987~1993)

Nov. 1992 Completed the construction of the second crude oil wharf
Dec. 1991 Expanded the first BTX plant from 500,000 MTA to 600,000 MTA
Oct. 1991 Completed the No. 1 HDS (50,000 BPSD)
Sep. 1990 Completed the No. 1 PX plant (200,000 MTA) and the No. 1 BTX plant (500,000 MTA)
Jan. 1990 Equity participation in DOPCO
Dec. 1989 Expanded polypropylene plant (from 120,000 MTA to 180,000 MTA)
Apr. 1988 Completed the polypropylene plant (120,000 MTA)
Jan. 1988 Equity participation in Samnam Petrochemical

Start of independent management by Korean party (1986)

Sep. 1986 Revised Joint Venture Agreement to establish a Korea based independent management
Jan. 1986 Established Technology Research Center

Powered regional and national economic development via continued investment (1970~1985)

Sep. 1984 Established Yeosu Energy (Now E1)
Jun. 1981 Completed the construction of first crude oil wharf
Completed the No.3 CDU (150,000 BPSD, total 380,000 BPSD)
Nov. 1978 Expanded the No.2 CDU (from 60,000 BPSD to 130,000 BPSD, total 230,000 BPSD)
Sep. 1976 Acquired Sebang Oil
Oct. 1972 Completed the No.2 CDU (60,000 BPSD, total 160,000 BPSD)
Aug. 1972 Established Honam Tanker
Oct. 1970 Expanded the No.1 CDU (60,000 BPSD to 100,000 BPSD)
Nov. 1969 Completed the construction of Incheon lubricant plant
Jun. 1969 Commenced the operations at Yeosu Refinery (60,000 BPSD)
May 1967 Incorporated Honam Oil Refinery in Seoul, Korea.
Dec. 1966 Signed the Joint Venture Agreement with Caltex Petroleum Corp. of the U.S.