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We will produce ’warm energy’ for the people, ‘new energy’ for the future

President & CEO - SAEHONG HUR

GS Caltex was established as the first private oil company in Korea in 1967, at the time of the second economic development when all Koreans were firmly determined to build up the economy.For the past half century, we have served as the foundation of Korea’s economic growth and have endlessly challenged ourselves with passion to make Korea one of the strongest energy countries. Throughout our history, we have upheld our core principle of ‘making warm energy for communications among people and new energy to connect the present with the future.’Powered by the success of our existing businesses, including petroleum·petrochemical·base oil and lubricants, and state-of-the-art technology, GS Caltex currently exports petroleum and petroleum products to 46 nations worldwide. Also, we are striving to become the leader in the global energy industry by diversifying our business portfolio and enhancing our competitiveness with the completion of the olefin production plant by 2021.GS Caltex will continue to challenge ourselves to create a happier and better world through energy. We will excel not only in providing high-quality products and services to match the various needs of the market, but also in producing energy which contributes to the future and the environment. Moreover, we will do our best to become a company that is respected and loved by fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and growing together with our customers, community, stakeholders and employees. I sincerely ask for your continued interest in and support for GS Caltex’s endless challenges and efforts. GS Caltex will always be there where warm energy and new energy for the future are needed.Thank you.President & CEO of GS Caltex Corporation .Saehong Hur