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Becoming the ‘Value No.1 Complex’ is our main goal at the Yeosu Complex

We aim to become a company where everyone is motivated to work, gaining respect from our customers and society. We believe that values of trust, flexibility, challenge and excellence will bring us to a new level of competitiveness.

Refining Facilities

GS Caltex has crude oil refining facilities with a capacity of 800,000 barrels a day, and provides cutting-edge technology for cutting-edge products

GS Caltex began commercial operations in 1969, producing 60,000 barrels a day, and continues to expand facilities in response to the ever-changing market. GS Caltex currently refines 800,000 barrels a day and is the forth largest single-site oil refinery in the world. GS Caltex supplies high-quality gasoline and other innovative products by continuously improving technology and investing in strategic R&D initiatives and projects. We are proud to be a driving force behind Korea’s economic growth.

800,000 Barrels / Day [1 barrel = 158.984 liters] Refining Capacity

Kero-Diesel Hydrodesulfurization Facilities

272,000 Barrels / Day Desulfurization Capacity

GS Caltex proactively responds to the ever-changing market by desulfurizing 272,000 barrels of kerosene and diesel each day with advanced facilities.

GS Caltex operates desulfurization facilities with a capacity of 272,000 barrels of kerosene and diesel per day. This was possible by the sequential construction of the No.1 Kerosene Desulfurization Facility(1991) and the No.2 Diesel Desulfurization Facility (1996), followed by the construction of the No.3 Kero-Diesel Desulfurization Facility(1998) and No.4 Diesel Desulfurization Facility (2009).

Heavy Oil Upgrading Facilities

With the goal to become the most efficient energy provider, GS Caltex continues to expand heavy oil upgrading facilities to keep up with the increasing market demands.
94,000 Barrels / Day RFCC
- RFCC (Residue Fluidized Catalytic Cracker) In 1995, GS Caltex completed the construction of the No. 1 HOU facility, which processes approximately 94,000 barrels of atmospheric residue each day to make high-quality products.
61,000 Barrels / Day No.2 HOU (HCR)
- No. 2 HOU (HCR) The No. 2 HOU facility was successfully completed in August 2007, where cheap residue is converted into expensive light petroleum products-such as kerosene and diesel-in line with the increased global demand for light petroleum products. Our achievements have been quoted as one of the most competitive facilities in the refinery industry. The No.2 HOU faciliy construction reflects our motivation and value for growth.
- No. 3 HOU (VR-HCR) Total investment is 2.6 trillion won in the No. 3 HOU facility, to achieve the capacity to process 66,000 barrels of atmospheric residue per day. It was successfully completed in the end of June in terms of basic engineering.
66,000 Barrels / Day No3. HOU(VR HCR)
- Hydrocracker & Base Oil Plant The Hydrocracker and Hydrocracker & Base Oil Plant were successfully completed in August 2007, where cheap residue is converted into expensive light petroleum products—such as kerosene and diesel—and high quality base oil products in line with the increased global demands.
26,000 Barrels / Day BOP
- No.4 HOU(VGO FCC) VGOFCC was successfully completed in January 2013, produces light petroleum products by cracking heavy oils. After its completion, GS Caltex will have heavy oil upgrading facilities of 274,000 bbl/day, which amounts to 34.9% of its total refining capacity.
53,000 Barrels / Day  VGO FCC

Petrochemical Facilities

Producing top-quality products with global competitiveness, GS Caltex has become an internationally recognized refinery energy company.

- The world’s largest aromatics plant GS Caltex began producing aromatics in 1990, outputting 500,000 tons of aromatics annually. In order to keep up with the ever-changing market demands for aromatics, GS Caltex completed construction of the No.3 Paraxylene production facility in 2003. It is the largest single facility in the world, producing more than 1.35 million tons of paraxylene, 900,000 tons of benzene, and other aromatics products— grossing 2.8 million tons of aromatics yearly.

2.8 Million Tons/Year Aromatics Output
- High-quality polypropylene plant GS Caltex produces 180,000 tons of high-quality, environment-friendly polypropylene products every year. GS Caltex’s polypropylene is well known for its superior quality. It is manufactured into various plastic products for everyday-use including film, pipes, high-transparency containers, electronics parts and automobile parts.
180,000 Tons/Year Polypropylene Output