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Human resources are the most valuable asset at GS Caltex.

GS Caltex is looking for passionate people seeking creative challenges who will drive the future of the energy industry.

GS Caltex holds regular recruitment drives to fill administrative and technical positions once or twice a year. Recruitment drives are also conducted as necessary throughout the year. The backbone of GS Caltex’s growth is the human resources. Through systematic career development and education programs, we are fostering future leaders of the company. Based on GSC Way we nurture “Value No.1 Energy & Chemical Partner” from the moment of employment

Based on GSC Way we provide about annually 85 hours of training per person including education according to echelon, common task training, nurturing competence program, and organizational development education programs. The figures of our current annual expenditures on education are about 7 billion won. We have extensive education programs for each hierarchy from board members, to employees, providing each necessary skill development. We have a professional coaching program and a mentoring system that supports the overall fostering program.

Competency Development

As part of a program to identify and cultivate competencies required of all GS Caltex employees, each employee conducts a self-assessment of individual foundation and job competencies at the start of a year and the findings are used to set individual goals. To effectively achieve the set goals, each individual selects and receives internal/external training through both the online and offline medium.

Human Resources Development Program for Nurturing Superior Talent

For employees with high potential, we offer oppo rtunities to register the local or overseas MBA cour ses and to learn best practices of the world-class co mpanies such as Chevron by dispatching them as interns. In terms of career development, we help employees experience new works in their new post and hold companywide view. This is conducted according to our job rotation scheme.

Junior Board

The Junior Board is an organization that recommends ideas for the company's growth to the top management. It is fulfilling their roles through extensive and in-depth discussion on the company’s tasks in addition to collecting various opinions from employees. As a bottom-up communication tool, it is composed of capable junior managers. The Junior Board, which finds the ways for the company’s growth from the top management perspective, has been positioned itself as our typical method of fostering future talents.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring program is being operated in order to help new recruits demonstrate their capabilities to the full as early as possible and motivate themselves. The program can be classified largely into two types. The first one is for new employees (who have one or two-year experiences after joining the company). Through one-on-one mentoring, senior employees help their mentees easily adapt to new organization, learn job skills and listen to advices on overall matters. The second one focuses on the team leader candidates. Senior members provide their mentees with advices on how to manage/cultivate capabilities and motivate themselves.

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