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Business Domain

New & Renewable Energy

GS Caltex is investing in new and renewable energy and related areas to  support the Korean government’s low-carbon green growth policy and cultivate future growth drivers.

Energy Device

The scope of new business at GS Caltex includes high-efficiency energy devices including Lithium ion batteries. We are pursuing commercialization through the subsidiaries Power Carbon Technology (PCT), a producer of carbon material for electric double layer capacitor (EDLC), and GS Nanotech, a leader in thin-film batteries. Investments are also being directed towards cathode and anode materials for rechargeable batteries.

Advanced Material

GS Caltex is carrying out research and commercialization efforts for a wide range of basic materials related to biochemicals as well as carbon fiber and nano-materials.

New Energy Source

R&D into new energy sources are in line with GS Caltex’s drive for diversification of energy sources. Related endeavors involve solar cells that produce solar power based on the characteristics of semiconductor devices and as well as bioethanol.

Green Energy Solution

To prepare for the era of electric vehicles (EV), we are building charging infrastructures for EVs at a pilot project in Jeju Island led by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Concerning fuel cells, which are regarded as the next-generation energy source, fuel cells for buildings are being mass produced by GS FuelCell. 
GS Caltex will continue to make meaningful contributions to customers and society by engaging in a wide range of business pursuits.

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