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Exploration & Production

GS Caltex engages in overseas E&P (exploration & production) projects with a view to establishing a firm presence as a total energy service provider. These endeavors also contribute to ensuring a stable supply of energy for Korea in the face of high oil prices and external uncertainties and helping the nation achieve energy independence.

Guided by a long-term objective of internally sourcing 10% of its crude oil needs (based on daily refining capacity), GS Caltex aggressively pursues business opportunities in E&P.
GS Caltex first entered into the E&P business in 2003 and is currently operating eight blocks while GS Holdings has stakes in seven fields. Presently, GS Group is involved in a total of 15 E&P projects. We continue to expand our E&P business in Latin America beyond Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
Eventually, we aim to acquire the capability to independently carry out E&P projects. For this purpose, we are cultivating the skills of internal personnel by dispatching them to the spots and recruiting high-caliber talent.

GS Caltex’s participation in E&P projects: Block A off the west coast of Cambodia,  Onshore Blocks L10/43 and L11/43 in Thailand, Offshore Northeast Natuna Block in Indonesia. 
GS Holdings’ participation in E&P projects: South Karpovsky Block in Kazakhstan, Bazian Block in Iraq