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Electric & District Heating / Cooling

GS Caltex supplies electric power and district heating / cooling from LNG combined-cycle power plants through its subsidiary company, GS Power Co., Ltd. and affiliated company, GS EPS Co., Ltd.

Established in 1996, GS EPS Co., Ltd. operates 1,000,000 kw (two 500,000 kw)  LNG combined-cycle power plants in Dangjin-gun, South Chungcheong Province.
GS Power Co., Ltd., established in September 2000, took over operation of a 900,000 kw combined heat and power plants and district heating facilities in the Anyang and Bucheon areas. Power generated in these plants is transferred to National Grid System and heating generated from the plants and their boilers are supplied to about 300,000 households in new towns in Anyang, Pyeongchon, Bucheon and other areas.

GS Caltex is continuing to increase its core capabilities in power generation and district heating / cooling business, and expanding its electric power business by constructing more power plants and extending the supply of heating to more regions. GS Caltex is committed to continue growing and to develop its electric power business to become a world-class competitor.