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Eco Green Business

On top of playing a pivotal role in supplying energy to Korean industries, GS Caltex is actively practicing environment-friendly management and pursuing green business to propel future growth. Through these pursuits, we will contribute to promoting a low-carbon society.

GS Caltex is paving the way towards a green future through large-scale investments in related fields. We have adopted a two-pronged strategy comprising the ‘greening’ of existing businesses and the pursuit of new, eco-friendly businesses.
In terms of our existing business, our main focus is on achieving high energy efficiency. With expanded investments, we plan to deliver a continuous supply of clean energy with high added value.

GS Caltex is nurturing new growth engines via R&D into fuel cells, carbon materials, hydrogen stations, service stations powered by solar energy, and biofuel. To make further strides, we are expanding our reach to waste-to-energy conversion and recycling of waste catalysts.

Through our green growth businesses, we will serve as the bridge to a greener future for Korea.