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In November 2007, GS Caltex began base oil production with a capacity of 16,000 BPSD. Through the revamping of the base oil plant, the base oil production capacity was increased to 26,000 BPSD in 2011. By using the latest cutting edge hydrocracking technology, GS Caltex produces high quality environment-friendly base oil which satisfies challenging specifications of lubricant manufacturers. GS Caltex has been exporting more than 70% of its total base oil production. As base oil demand in Asia continuously increases, GS Caltex aims to be the influential and dominant supplier of high quality base oil in Asia through further expansions and improvements.


GS Caltex produces 9,000 BPSD of lubricants per day and 8,000 MTA of grease products a year. Underpinned by superior products and technology, we are ranked first in the Korean lubricant finished products market based on market share and sales volume. With Kixx Engine Oil as the leading brand in our lubricant line-up, GS Caltex offers 170 kinds of products which are classified according to their usage such as for automobiles, ships, and industrial and special purposes. Our lubricants are available to consumers through ‘Kixx oilZone’ which are located in sales agencies, auto repair shops and service stations across Korea and offer lubricant change services. Building on its competitiveness in the Korean market, GS Caltex is reaching out to overseas markets such as China and Russia. In 2010, we established a local subsidiary in Mumbai, India. Our target is to increase exports to major overseas markets and raise our export ratio to above 50% by 2015.