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LNG & City Gas

GS Caltex has vigorously increased its presence in LNG business to enhance synergy in electric power and city gas businesses. With supports from the government’s continuous pursue of environmentally friendly policies and consumers’ need to seek clean and convenient energy, the city gas business is expected to continue its growth.

GS Caltex imported approximately 190,000 tons (3 cargoes) of LNG in 2010 since its first import in 2009, and plans to continuously expand the import volume to 1,500,000 tons or more per annum for internal use and LNG power plant expansion by 2015. Including LNG terminal construction, GS Caltex will do its best to boost the industry competitiveness in response to the government’s policy on gas industry restructuring and introduction of a competitive system.

With the ring-shaped pipeline networks laid since 2002, city gas penetration rate of the total households has reached 65% at the end of 2008

GS Caltex supplies city gas to Gyeongju / Yeongcheon City and Gwangju City through Seorabeol and Haeyang City Gas since 2000 and 2001, respectively. With the above firm base, by forming strategic alliances with Kyungnam Energy and Kangnam City Gas through equity participation in 2000 and 2001 respectively, GS Caltex has secured a stable LNG demand.

GS Caltex will strive to further expand the supply of city gas stably through continuing no disaster, no accident, and zero defect campaigns.